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This whole journey is about Helping Our Planet!  I am very aware of how much goes into our Landfills.   Because I live about 3 miles from one of the biggest dumps in my county.

Even tho' I live in the country, it seems that this area has the room to unload everyone else's trash.  Not so great, right?   

Thankfully, we have the Atlantic Ocean about 12 miles away, and the air keeps moving so we don't have to smell the rotting junk that is in there.   AND our city has a recycling program.

But that doesn't take away from the issue of stuff that could have been recycled!

Local Big Box Thrift stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army and many others, do offer a wonderful resource of ideal fabrics still valuable enough to use.

This not only saves money, but it helps on an ecological level.   While it doesn't CURE the is a small attempt on my part to help.

About Us

I remember the first time I saw someone wearing an outfit EXACTLY like mine!  15 years old, and out to impress.  I avoided walking near this girl the whole day, and decided that I would never buy another store bought dress!  

Thus I learned how to sew,  and  began to make my own clothes.

Now I'll be honest, I was only a kid and did not have an income.  So I used upholstery fabric given to me by a friend.  Hey I did make a very cool Nehru jacket!

Truth is, I have always been conscious of what I wear - and not trying to be a cookie cutter example of Store bought clothes.  

While my tastes may have change, I learned a lot along the way.  With new fashion ideas galore, comes New Fabrics as well.  Prices on patterns and fabrics went up - and my budget went down.  It began  to be more expensive to make my own clothes than it was to buy clothes!   

So I was right back to the beginning of my fashion dilemma.  

Which is why I am now doing something totally personal & inviting artistic expression in Clothing.    

While it may not be Couture - My plan is to make things that has some daily use, and good taste, and still be Fun.

We shall see where this journey takes me,




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